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Residential Measurement Standard – RMS – in Alberta

Frequently Asked Questions continued:

What do I do if the seller tells me the property was represented as larger when they bought it?

The seller may have purchased the property under a different measurement standard or guideline which includes areas that are excluded from the RMS. Explain to the seller that their property has not decreased in size and that all real estate professionals are required to measure residential properties using the RMS.

Also explain to the seller that residential buyers decide to purchase resale properties based on a variety of factors. Property size is only one of many factors that influence the purchase decision and the sale price. Other factors influencing their decision include the property’s location, floor plan, features, updating, and the ability of the property to meet their needs.

If the property is attached and there is a concern the buyers will compare it to detached properties, advise the seller that the assumed exterior size can also be communicated. This ensures consistency and that there will be no competitive disadvantage.

How do I compare attached and detached properties?

To compare different types of residential properties, real estate professionals can provide an additional measurement for attached properties using the property’s exterior. Real estate professionals must base this additional measurement on reasonable assumptions about the exterior wall thickness, and can extrapolate the exterior wall thickness from the thickness of the exterior door casings and/ or exterior window casings. If real estate professionals provide additional measurements based on exterior assumptions, they must make it clear it is not the RMS area for the property and explain their assumptions.

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