Residential Measurement Standard – RMS – 2

Residential Measurement Standard – RMS – in Alberta

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Properties Gain or Lose using RMS?

Properties stay the same size they have always been. They did not physically shrink or increase in size upon the publication of the RMS.

The RMS quantifies the size of the property based on a new measurement standard. The real estate professional must report the RMS area as the property size.

Consider this analogy: Fahrenheit or Celsius are different standards used to measure outside temperature. Reporting the temperature in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit does not make it any warmer or colder outside.

If a client is concerned about the difference in property size, real estate professionals need to explain that:

  • Their property has not decreased or increased in size
  • The property size difference is the result of comparing measurements using different standards
  • The purpose of the RMS
  • The fact that the value of their property has not changed
  • The RMS is based on property type (i.e. attached, detached)
  • The RMS applies to competing properties

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RMS mandatory for Alberta REALTOR®

Residential Measurement Standard – RMS – in Alberta


Frequently Asked Questions:

 What is the purpose of the RMS?

The RMS gives consumers, real estate professionals, and other industry professionals accurate and consistent property measurements. These measurements can be used to compare properties and determine their suitability. Proper application of the RMS ensures real estate professionals provide reliable and verifiable property size and dimensions.

How do I measure properties according to the RMS?

It depends on the type of property being measured:

Measure detached properties using the exterior wall at the foundation. Detached properties include fully detached bare land condominiums

Measure attached properties using the interior perimeter walls at floor level. Attached properties include half-duplexes, townhouses, and apartments

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